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linda newlin

Newlin is an author, coach, consultant and teacher as well as a singer/songwriter and activist.  Her passion is evident in her presentation and powerful message delivery. 

She can address corporate/leadership groups, women's empowerment, personal growth and transformational seminars/events. Her wide range of experience and her love of helping people to change shines through her style and abilities as an inspirational speaker.

"Linda’s words are clear, concise, without bravado and without apologies.  When she speaks, you find resonance within your whole being.  She is the best speaker I have ever experienced because she has authentically lived what she is teaching.  Everyone can hear what she has to say.  This journey home to self love is doable.  She has taught me to reclaim and honor the essence of who I am  and live free, connected, and with a heart that bursts with love I’ve never known."

Tamar Geller, Author/TV personality, THE LOVED DOG